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Answering Service

When callers get voicemail, for the most part, they hang up and call someone else. Missed calls = Missed Sales.

When you team with SwitchBoard Alaska, a helpful, friendly representative will answer your calls at any time of day. During your lunch, after hours or when you’re simply too busy, our answering service can help handle your phones.

Calls forwarded to our answering service will be answered in our signature professional and courteous manner. Our staff can personalize the call immediately, starting with the way we answer the phone in your business name. Each caller receives the individualized attention they expect from your business.

In addition, our answering service utilizes telecommunications equipment and web-based technologies that can be tailored to meet your business needs. The information we gather can be forwarded to you immediately via email, fax, pager, or we can call you directly to deliver the message. Our professional answering service answering service will provide customized care and attention to your customers and your business.

Call us for more information about our answering service. Most Answering Services lure you in with impossibly low rates, when in fact, hidden charges are unavoidable. You only pay us for the work we do and our billing is easy to understand.

“SwitchBoard Alaska has been instrumental in our commitment and success of the JBER project and to the service of our Arctic Warriors in the Last Frontier.” Rachael
Aurora Military Housing
JL Properties, Inc

Customer Service

SwitchBoard Alaska is nothing without its staff and their commitments to excellence. Our service was founded on the values of reliability, integrity, and commitment to our clients. With each call, we offer the best in customer and client satisfaction. We devote significant resources to maintain a staff of respectful and courteous operators. They can efficiently deliver the requests of your customers to you by whichever method best suit your needs. From web-enabled stations the operators can provide your callers shipping, tracking, or billing information right through your VPN or network. Operators can also directly submit requests to you for a response call or email. SwitchBoard Alaska is proud of its standards.

“SwitchBoard Alaska covers our phones during our evening, holiday and weekend hours. Their services have helped to make our services even better.” Wanda
Alaska Village Electric Cooperative

Dispatch Service

We take care of a lot of big Towing, Plowing and Couriers companies in town and we dispatch for all of them. We’re experienced dispatchers and we can’t be bought at any price so you’ll not have an ounce of competition in our office. Just pure dispatching your way. We’ll take the call, the order, collect CC payments for you and get your employee to the scene ready with all the info they need to get the job done right.

Everyone’s clients appreciate someone on the line that is helpful and keeps their word. Callers can reach SwitchBoard Alaska‘s 24-hour service and a live voice on the other end of the line. Our operators are the best in the industry and SwitchBoard Alaska has the latest options for dispatching your company’s calls. Our operators can relay messages via Radio, telephone, alpha-numeric pager, or digital pager.

“Their customer service is fantastic. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of service provided by Switchboard Alaska and highly recommend them!” Glen
Alaska Towing & Wrecking

Emergency Paging

If the message requires sensitivity due to its medical nature, rest easy — SwitchBoard Alaska is HIPAA compliant. We will work with you to provide a regulated level of security and accountability program. With SwitchBoard Alaska providing a live voice for your callers, your business can continue to grow and succeed!

“They are well staffed and pleasant to work with. I have personally recommended them to several medical clinics here in Anchorage.” Lori
Rhyneer Clinic PC